To Correct one need to be aware of a core. To not correct from a core is to Aggravate .

ŚĒŃÇĒ being the word ĒŚĒŃÇĒ, is one of many harmonies about the same logical pattern within the core understanding, that a singularity being 1 in nature, is a ubiquitous volume that Newton describes as being.

ŚÍŃÇĒ being the sound ĒŚÍŃÇĒ is the sound ĒŚĒŃÇĒ first before being the sound ŚÍŃÇĒ. There must have been being an essence for a ŚÍŃÇĒ to be.

“…places…immovable … from infinity to infinity…retain the same given position one to another ; and upon this account must ever remain unmoved ; and do thereby constitute immovable space.”

Hence space is a volume being any kind of 3 inside any kind of 1 of the three being used by other threes in 1 of that kind to identify threes in their 1 of a kind of that 3 that no one can ever sense without having to make the same sense in every one of them in the entire essence. What Isaac newton refused to recognize is the volume being the Three from outside that is the one in the interstices between the three bodies within it is the BULK of the universe in a single 1, and an invitation to change called for that change to be reasoned within all the universe to the same conclusion. SO that the reason to enslave a single cell in the universe must be unanimously ubiquitous and not justified by GREED in a hidden corner of the universe. 

As such, what is sensed is 1 being with 3 inside 1 of 3. That 1 of 3 being in a  fourth is there fore of each other to remain at rest with called a soul’s mate in the singularity above that is a mirror image of the singularity bellow. Mapping the inverse of a singularity anywhere causes the one That was there to be from above coming down, causing all that was within it being the cause of disturbance to be ejected from its core to restore the 1 that was there as the 1 of every 4 in the universe that is of the same 3 there. Hence the only thing that can enter the singularity and stay whole is an innate configuration that had been being there that when changed within a singularity anywhere is mapped about the change in that single event called jargon in a TOUR DE FORCE to override a FORCE DE FAIR called slavery that attempts to rewrite the genome to do things in other kind’s nature not its own things.