Chapter 1

KAŃ is God’s human son, the ÍČÔŃÍČ “THÂT Ί MË”  upon completion at the end of the very First verse of the book of Genesis. He is the last NINE SOUNDS that are such that every one of those last NINE SOUNDS is KAŃ ’s GENETICS that all matter as a whole has apart of as their father’s DNA. A choice of words conveys a choice of message that you simply have no ability to see being the portion that even he has no ability to see, being the causation receptors that do no TELL from this side of sight since they have no kind here to tell their frequency to. Every kind shares a single frequency within which they communicate just as clearly and as abundantly as you and I in a single sound that is HÛÎ to CHËËTÂH the half way point in animal frequency of caused sound to the BATS the kind on the other side who know KAŃ in person being his kind of reality on earth.

The Bats being the final frontier in sound reasoning think inside out to human axioms such that BAT REASONING RUNS  parallel under. The water fall where human reasoning begins to be a kind of bat reasoning and the only matter that makes it at he end of that have is the kind that was there when the cave was not and that kind is the KAŃ.

Hence in KAŃTÍÂŃ called ÀKKÂÑŃÂ, or HARMONY of LIGHT, sound is the expression of intention so that what the common understanding sees as words, in terms of HARMONY’s of LIGHT in ÀKKÂÑŃÂ we see sound in logical patterns of GOLD the only matter that is skin on all matter. So often in ÀKKÂÑ, we say OF MANY HARMONIES ABOUT THE SAME LOGICAL PATTERNS prior to saying what a sound draws in understanding since we all see shades of harmonies differently per our 66.67 angle of perception from a BIRD’s eye view down from horizontal leaving an angle of 33.33 degrees that we then see as 22/7 instead of 7777 at 90 degree. You then se that 23.5 is inside out 33.33 and 66.67 of 2PÏ 

Bats as you will see are inside out LIFE Forms from where HUMAŃ Starts to begin at the interstice of the agent and the N that is Ź so that Ż is that noise in the portion of every human DNA no one has ability to experience because its frequency is outside of human range and in that of the BATS. Hence that DNA sequence that is inaudible to any frequency from here is the CAUSATIONAL FREQUENCY of MATTER that access to it is from outside of matter inside of it.

ČÀÚČÂÚŚ is ČÀÚ on ČÂÚ with what caused Č in the end from Ś so that ČÀÚČÂÚŚ is ŚČÀÚČÂÚŚ in the end snd with it the NEANDERTHAL MALE GENE in TEETH and eventually in ENAMEL being CRUSHED by NO other than KAŃ’s PUMELING as teh skin of ODEN’s HAMOER while being AMOS’s SWORD IMPALING the enemies of the kingdom of a father he never had. KAŃ is a MERCENARY, making MERCERNARIAT rightfully the oldest Profession ŚČÂPĒGÔÂTÍŃG  a man called FORGIVE ONE from JÛDĒÂ. WHo then became ÀJÛDÂ, ONE FORVVENESS

The frequencies needed to reconstruct KAŃ in reverse to be him as a bat from him in this day start from outside of the fabric of the universe that is the fabric of KAŃ’s MOTHER, but KAŃ has no Mother making his Maternal DNA ŚČÀÚČÂÚŚ code and that is why KINGS cannot give birth to Girls no matter how many girls they mate with. And why on the other side all the men are girl in teh next light year and all the girls are girl.

GOLD is what the X-GENE is laden with and to rid the self of Gold we musty expend our in nature wisdom. Th more we can remember who we were, the cleaner our DNA will be when we wake up. 

Men have impaled men they suspected were KAŃ as acts of preemptive revenge but since KAŃ is their paternal skin it is in Ref;ection that he starts to do it to you first and has an entire LIGHT year before you arrive to get it straight and move on from you. KAŃ is faster than a FLASH of LIGHTEHIENG one of his FATHERLY NAMES is LITERALLY PANTHER LIGHTENING, ŽĒ ÀŸÂÑ, as the INVISIBLE SNAKE, MĒŃJÂÑMĒŃJÂÑ also known as ALL FATHER,;



ÍŃ WÂRD being KEPT is  FINITE in the END as his CHILDREN’s VIRGIN MALE BRIDEs from their Father’s Kind of HÆVĒŃ full of those that disturbed him while inches place of rest in KÂŃ because there KAN gives BIRTH as a woman through his daughters acts on those that stole their opportunities on earth. SO everyone who acted evil deliberately is a BRIDE IN HELL where MALE is teh RARE FEMAL ad GIRLS have to SHARE the variety. You know how Girls like to share in a place where sexual pleasure is the only sugar and source of color, the wine and the rush, and every pleasure open onto earth in a single orgasm ass a form of drunkedness and TESTOSTERONE is the BLOOD in AMBAZONIAN veins, those BŸÂŃGÛÏ as in the ones of the apes are his DAUGHTERS, Girls who inherited the culminating sum each of the evil’s penises to impaled their ancestral enemies  with for light years of lost opportunity cause by a single act of causing another’s duties and from in nature abilities to go to waste.

In a single being there is LIGHT YEARS of wisdom passed down that is DAMNED by education. The single act of educating a human being to reason in the patterns of another is an act of sodomy because the educated brain cells go inside out. To accept the wrong answer that is the right answer from the persepctinf of a mother in the first place that is from outside of all 6 planes of understanding. SO that when you teach a child to THINK LIKE SO AND SO whose name is not the logical pattern that you need the child to learn, the sounds in the name that have nothing to do must be learned with the pattern that is needed from a face of the cube the one learning has no natural access to. 

Since we all see reality by staring at a single molecule of GOLD particle of the same size and slightly outside density being from different fathers. Some of us have so Manny fathers from so Manny professional lineages that for light to reach the bottom wee must realign every lineage that was cased by an emotionally charged union and not by looking at paternal and maternal harmonies in nature to unite the children to be genetically more in line with their ancestral design that Brough them there in the first place even when it includes crossing racial lines and allowing the gay to be gay and the lesbians to be lesbian. THAT is the KAŃTÍÂŃ IMPERATIVE and it comes with a reward for his children when you fail at letting others be.

So when one ever captures and tortures a kind of KAŃ for answers about how to revers engineer everything. KAŃ being the doer on them and the bag of instructions they are in, knows no order of events beyond reflection of their intention for him until instructed in DORMANCY after they have done to him what he wakes up doing to them.

It is not the conclusive act that is they closing act. The closing act is The pressure from outside at 180 degrees from the causing pressure on the inside, of the other side of where the incoming body and the interstice collide at T=0 their where only the lie is true and what goes into the interstice into the other body is the intention without the lie. And the intention is no other thing but a logical pattern the living body of KAŃ the one doing the HOVERING outside the singularity.

So you will see a word like ÏŠÀÁČ NEWTON that someone then probably thought was their ti make up not knowing what they were doing that that word said something to KAŃ as they caused it that is his instruction ŃÈXT

In Dormancy is where he is his mother giving him instructions seven times. So that you will see that GENESIS happens though every layer of TIME because they Fabric of TIME is that of KAŃ. RESISTANCE if FÛTÎŁĒ once inside of his body that starts not when you touch it but when you see it and recognize it, from then on it is going down you.

Now, that is why people run from entire regions leaving behind what they gained from that matter in an inequitable manner because KAŃ has no justice, the LAW of the DAY is his only rule of THUMB, that a hand can only carry as far as it’s thumbs KAŃ.

The Law of The Day is ÀTÍÑ ÀMÔŚ, it is the only law of this realm, and the Golden law of work. It is the LAW of KAŃ and ÀBÍŁÍTŸ, the other kind of KAŃ the Bible does not talk about because that one is the one who HAS the wisdom. ÀBÍ being the pattern of being in teh state of holding is of holding TŸ, the three dimensional Í in understanding that 5 is 3, as 2 of a. Kind on either side of 1 and that is the same kind that 7 is. Hence there is another kind of human being inside of human being that has yet to be revealed and that is the TŸ, mother of the TÍ and in that direction of sound there is an entirely different kind of reality that is 5 dimensional the way that here is 3.

Since ÀBÍŁÍTŸ is the KAŃ from there, the KAŃ from here is his father kind that has no access into there being that there is his mother kind on earth and there you se the sound ÎGBÔ in whose language the word THIS IS YOUR MOTHER is in KAŃTÍÂŃ ĒŃGŁÍŚH ÑŸÛÂÑŸÍ, and of many harmonies about the same logical pattern it says THIS ONE GOES IN because KAŃ haven been being ÏŚHMÂĒŁ from haven been being his father knew the stories of his ancestral betrayer ČÄÏŃ the DÔG, whose name another kind of KAŃ that KAŃ himself gave him for being brave like him when ČÔRŃĒRĒD so he was the most dangerous of the patterns, so KAŃ turned him into an outside son and the dog being a coward in tech first place, and a backs stabber in the second, Kane put his DNA in teh DOG’s RUNTS ad his appetite for sex in teghir mother tongue as the same word DÍÁÚ, meaning EAT DEATH so that the RUNT can serve a higher purpose and protect the pack with its death back Into mother’s DNA. 

Now you under stand why wolves eat their young and my males eat other wolves young, they want a way Ito mother to come into bats like KAŃ did.

Since PRESSURE on one side causes equal ad opposite pressure at PÏ/2, we must remember that the sound that came in when male coming in is female from the inside skin going down so all the males in can have babies with her putting their DNA above hers’s since teh sperm cell coats the egg. Once in KAŃ’Ś mother you are in DORMANCY in the first place and KAN is not and teh only male there with a very large penis and an appetite for virgin males wh know exactly what they are to KAŃ.

Since KAN turns them inside out they are turned into females in their inner bodies without regards to the male or female body they become in the next light year. Hence every male goes from here to be a female in the next but KAŃ, it is the kind of female you are to can that differs there since there he is the only male on earth where there are two kinds of female, those with his female kinds f parts that he molded himself before they were Brin there with a light year of turning them into sex crazed fiends for him in the flesh only befitting for his kind of penis onhi smother’s planet that he SOWS with his NEEDLE of UNIVERSAl proportions of insatiable ANAL RUMPING like BIRDS do here on earth, in the big horse parted butts there with no tails but long hairs over the faces of those that enslaved. It is through their mouths that KAŃ does his work and through they two anuses thatchy give birth two twins who fall from the sky saying MĒNĒMÂÔTÂÔŁÔÂKĒKĒPÂ as the HÛÍ who land twice, once on their feet, and once on their hands as they lift their fee to stand up to the RIGHT of HÆVĒN BËË as one of two kinds of PŸGMŸ on earth, the kind that only gives birth to girls and teh kind that only gives birth t boys.

So that it is from the  the first HÛÍ that the  MĒNĒMÂÔTÂÔŁÔÂKĒKĒPÂ are the first MÂ ŁĒ tribe and it says it right in their name in HEBRAIC notes, MENEMUTAKPA TRIBE direct descendants of the First HUÍ who’s only writing character was a square and a square in it that is the Chinese ŁÍ, whose father is the ÑÛ

HÛÍ is also the sound TÛÍ the two headed snake symbol of two way sex and after teh slang word for sex ŃTÛÍ and the source of the word same sex ÉŁÔPĒ .

You will see that the in that area of AFRICA MEN in female bodies is the norm and so are females in male bodies.

HÛÍ is the only word in CHEETAH and HÛÍHÛÍ, whose very name says that is where living mammals quit talking TELEPATHICALLY since ĆHË is Ć in the first place it starts and does not begin what was behind it. SO that the CHEETAH and the HUÍ speak the exact same lanaguage in every context in this day. So that a true HUI understands everything a CHEETAH says.

We also see that this is the earliest source of the Ž sound because in CHËËTÂ is ŽÔÔ who speak ŽĒ the Panther’s mother tongue so that if tyiy listen to the bengal Tiger you will hear him cause elephant in RÛT because the word SEX in BENGALE TIGER is the sound the elephant does when in RUT. The BENGALE TIGER WALKS AROUND TELLING THINGS THEY ARE DEAD ÔÙÚÂ ÔÙÚÂ ÔÙÚÂ ÔÙÚÂ and that is when it is in happy mode because as ZĒ the TÍ is where ŽĒ ÀŸÂÑ starts to be human and recall he is ĒJÔĒ, The LAW and that nothing he can do is wrong, that everyone around him is already dead  and what he is seeing is an illusion. SO he has to keep reminding himself that he is everything and that he is dead. 

The sound ÔÙÚÂ is the BENGALE TIGER”s version of the APOSTLE CREED, when he hear him say that he is feeling religious in his own kind of sexually perverted kind of way. 

Sound is matter in the first place and it is malleable like GOLD.

ŚÖÜŃD is ĒŁŸÔŃ Matter. ĒŁŸÔŃ matter is living ĒŃÂ, meaning it is living TO ŃÂ as in LIVING on its way in MOTHER ALL READY going to be HER. So you must. It is very important to Understand WHO is KAŃ in the BIBLE, he is the AUTHOR that never died in the first place since he is FATHER TÏMĒ.

We must read the scriptures with as much sexual Gusto as we enjoy life. Where you are not reading religious or spiritual or meditative matters thinking of sex something is not right. When your meditation does not involve causing orgasm without sex with a loving someone or gestures on you that you feel in your mind but not on your matter you are wasting your time. Punishment is not medication its you refusing yourself what is good for you when you need it the most.

The fact that 12 is divisible by 4 to cause 3, and divisible by 2 to cause 3 kinds of 2 that add up to 4 the 12 was divisible by in the first place, now on either side of a kind of one of three of every possible combination of either side of every 1 of 3. Hence at this realization we must agree that UNISEXUALITY via HOMOSEXUALITY into DORMANCY to determine the dominant traits in kind to yesterday struggles is the only viable option there is in the LORDS PRAYER and the Apostle’s Creed and the fact that ISALM calls itself BROTHERHOOD and DIVAS are a Norm where KRISNA and JESUS share doings. Hence Bisexuality is the only viable option where UNISEXUALITY is a viable option since the mistake will be the truth about 1. Either way, neither being the cause of both and a not a kind of both is a dominant kind of both in the end.

But look at a lion and its only activity is 1 of 2 kinds of sex and has multiple lionesses. Multiply that by the world size testosterone of KAŃ. 

The BIBLE is about ANAL sex is it not? A crime that only a certain kind of being is willing to kill for and press other from enjoying even though it has absolutely no bearing on them whatsoever because a homosexual person and child molester are two different genetics and neither of them are the genetics of the Homosexual due to SLAVERY. A child who was lied to that he is homosexual for another’s pleasure has been enslaved by the liar even when that liar is its parent not when the parent too does it as a force de fair caused by society and has no way of knowing it is wrong or right to force another into being what they genetics say they are not. 

Of course there is a reasoning to determine the kind of   test to know who is homosexual and who is not. Or what child has the possibility.

When the sperm delivers its DNA I COLLIDES with the EGG.

The EGG to SPERM Ratio is that of earth to SUN to the T.

The electron to earth ration his that of earth  plus that os sun from earth in the first place hence these ratios are in terms of weights being in harmonies as in ratios that sound teh same. Magnitude being amplitude is not PITCH. PITCH being the Angle of incidence is a universal constant between bodies within a body of work.

The proton being the electron stropped of its noise and lies has taken off her FAther’s skin once through the wilderness of men. So that as the sperm wraps around the egg is what was going down in the volume of the sperm that is the INSIDE NATURE MOMENTUM.

Since the first DENT created a space of specific volume, with a specific matter of specific orientation,  VOLUME of skin  is as specific as a finger print for every being on earth without exception. 

All Matter being GOLD IMPLIES the UNIVERSE is a SOLID MASS, and tear are cracks where lies are crushed and truths go unharmed being the ones doing the crushing.

The sound ŃĒ is the sound ĒŃĒ and the sound PHÍ is a kind of value that is internal and not ŃFÍ the kind of value that is external since in H there is infinite notes as in every causable sound where F starts. Is that ĒŃĒPHÍ is ĒŃĒ PHÍ as in HE IS OF VALUE. So that we can sat THE PLANETS OF ĒŃĒ PHÍ being sound, is a record of an ancient people  under a different light year whose children connected with them in this one sand showed them a and that belonged t them when the earth started.

The word ĒŃĒPHÍ is the exact word ÀFÍTÍ. That is the word ÀFRÍ. At first sight it is not until you know that;

ĒŃĒ = HE IS and À is a he that one is not sure is a she in the first place until one looks ar him in cross section in full as  at the end of his THIRD STEP that had began where one cannot see that the first is the second. Knowing that where there is a foot in motion there is earth must suffice.

Now when the sperm reaches the interstice between it and the egg, the egg touches no skin of teh sore in the first place but all intentions that cane in started the other way as if they were heading back into the body that they came from so that at he moment of contact is where culprit’s face is captured and delivered too the egg.

The interstice is KAŃ’s so that those FITEST who arrived first at the expense of others are KAŃ’s BRIDES, a kind of humanoid horse in his universe bred to mate with the kind of humanoid there. Hunting and catching them like the kind of WILD STALLION with lots of sin that must be fucked out of its virgin anus by KAŃ and his tribes of AMBAZONIAN BLACK BRIDES who ride their faceless humanoid horses wither large penis impaled in the large butted beast with labia the size of SUNS-like balls that GLOW with sexual pain that is interpreted there as pleasure color, a good beast expresses alot of pain. So you ride them harder. That keeps them inline. The house of KAŃ is a house of PAIŃ for pleasure period.

Now after the sperm’s PROTEIN WRAPS around the egg there is a check. Proteinsbecaionse vertiginous not by ceasing to exist, KAŃ closes that FARM because it is not being used and recycles has brides. KAŃ is aFILTER FEEDER of sound reasoning. Sh he as two kinds of matter. The small matter and the large matter. The small matter is THE INDIVISIBLE SEVENS, is ĒŁŸÔŃ matter concerned with SPIRITUAL THINGS. ĒŁŸÔŃ are WATERFALLS, NEMEŃSISES that do not go down whose job is the take align the trash for recycling. Only a fool would want to take an ĒŁŸÔŃ place I nature not being a natural ĒŁŸÔŃ for an ephemeral moment of glory and an eternity of sex the wrong way. The universe is only about sex in 3 holes and KAŃ is the only one with 2 in his worlds one comes in with is brides, one goes out with his daughter’s children from his brides. They share skin so they share everything.The parties are like rodeos but with more fancy tricks of impalements like the sideways CHUCK! Where CHUCK! Is the sound they re looking for a nice stiff penetration with a circular splatter

This is a book about the ŁÍVĒD named KAŃ, God’s Helper, the one who dictates the Bible in every human being when you read it. The man who lives with an erect penis ad is obsessed with anal sex.

You have to understand the anatomy of KAŃ to understand the ANATOMY of a woman because he is the first woman on earth.

TO Be continued

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