Matter Hæven been being infinitely expandable, tends to nature’s ability to being expanded. Expansion being material’s tendency, is being within nature’s ability to cause. Being cause of Matter’s act, nature’s ability is within Material tendency to being.

About being from Here to Here, is not a tendency, but an attempted limitation of the two Í has been being by intelligent design. WË being the present US, is the infinitely expandable MË in who is a singular US as an in who Í is being.

Matter that limits Matter, limits the space of Í that is being infinitely expandable as a single kind of 2 of many of 6 faces from the same core of an imploded 4 faces that were two into 3. Thus, a tendency haven been being from inside of two being one of a kind, is 4 being 3 as 1 of six faces there. That one of six faces being of three from its core, is a Being of expanding matter that is in the act of expanding from within the hallow core.

It then follows that when and not if, matter is not being, it is not expanding for a lack of Í in it, but IMPLODING into 3 from a lack of what is on the 12 that are on the Í and what is on it. Hence Í comes to being from within matter haven been being in 12 about 6 without a lack.

Matter therefore has the ability to not be while not caused to be a consequential being. Inconsequentiality therefore is the matter about the matter being about it. To say what we are about is to limit our purpose to two possibilities that when tended to in understanding, IS being the same one that WË is being about.

What we are about being a cumulative sum of notes, is the sum of a single note that is inside two notes, no matter how we listen to it. WË are a Harmony that is Í.