Bible Sounds – The Book of KÂŃ Chapters Chapter 3 – Draw in Sound Reasoning, Knowledge, Belief, Justified and Unfounded

Chapter 3 – Draw in Sound Reasoning, Knowledge, Belief, Justified and Unfounded

What is Justified being what is unfounded is the same thing. The sounds What is, assume the sound THERE is, is in action POINTING based on what is uncertain that is unfounded since certainty is foundation in the first place. Certainty never haven been in the past cannot be different in the future. Where there is certainty being where there is foundation, does not imply, but identifies certainty as foundation.

What is known is what is remembered, and what is remembered is what has happened THERE Without it happening HERE UNTIL. UNTIL is a NUMBER is a SEQUENCE os NUMBERs that without it HÆVĒŃ BËËŃ no thing can be remembered since to THEN to be remembered IN a Future from that one that has to happen in the first place THERE to be THEN as BEFORE THERE in the LACK HERE.

It is the BROKEN ENDS that draw the truth, and not the mended ends that are of the same matter as that of the broken in a different pattern of work to any within the broken end including the breaker’s FEMALE CAUSED side from outside of the MALE CAUSED LEAST KIND OF MOST KIND of ÀČČÉŃT to be the MÔŚT GOING in the direction of NATURE leaving its LEAST GOING as the Invader’s MOST INVASIVE KIND of MALE with the least invaded kind of female of their own kind that is the HOMOSEXUAL KIND that becomes the closing kind inside out in the GOING KIND on both ends.

The NEW KIND of KING on EARTH is a HOMOSEXUAL KING on outskirts of every living kind. There is now a new INTERSTITIAL kind of LIFE FORM that is neither GAY nor STRAIGHT and there is a new kind of interstitial life form that is BOTH GAY and STRAIGHT., and another that is STRAIGHT and STRAIGHT. THE ROYAL KIND is now GAY IN THEM ONLY.

It used to be that the ALPHA female controlled the female sexual cycle. In the new kind of life the ALPHA MALE is now the ONLY ALPHA controlling FEMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLES as he controls MALE Hormonal development so that the kind shall be the only kind to reach reproductive maturity going forward.

KINGS are now GAY MEN or GAY WOMEN under STRAIGHT MALE sensory organs and every woman is now a QUEEN impregnable by her kind of king only because the Pheromones   to mate no longer match, both will simply not be attracted to each other to cause sexual desire. Of any sorts until the mating behaviors between the two are vestigial in memory as they are in three dimensionality.

What is BEING BEEING LIVED as a pattern is what we do that we know is true. What we use the sound BELIEVE to express is a pattern that we know  THAT NOT if, but WHERE we or any kind of us does it, it will be THREE from THERE, and hence LIVED. What we live must be what we can believe, otherwise what is being belief makes no sense what so over. What is it that you hold in your mind where you say you believe in something, is it a pattern, is it a sound, is it something you have ever seen with your own eyes happen or as an object? Those are the parameters of belief. You cannot say you believe in something and it is not associated to a sound not just you, but we, meaning anyone like you can touch.

At any point in time using the sound WE to address the self is the most complete way of saying Î since Î is comprised of MË, as well as the Í that is in every kind of me. We do not see what is outside of our eyes in the first place. What is outside of our eyes being sound goes through us as we expand toward it.

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