Bible Sounds – The Book of KÂŃ Chapter Samples Pygmy Versus Satan – Chapter 1

Pygmy Versus Satan – Chapter 1

One of my favorite sayings goes as follows, “Where it is not legendary, it is not worth doing.” The reasoning behind this arose from my megalomanic tendencies. I have an acute inability to think on a small scale. What I call small is anything that does not require the culminated that feeds into the culminating sum since I keep knowing is true as I LOOK AT at ALL things haven been being standing on EVERYTHING.  

I have the ability to pick an object up in my mind and hold it in the palm of my hand. The object does not matter. But when I open my eyes it does. I close my ehe and I can crush any object to the size of a star, knowing the biggest thing next to be is a star, and therefore the furthest thing from me can only be the size of the biggest thing here.

Then it is true, I am a STAR and next to us is a star. This also means that once my flesh is out of me, my flesh is in me being out of me as a fold. I have to be very objective in my thinking therefore to exclude anyone’s from around me.

What I see being a memory of what I have had, is of what I have had. WHAT I have had of it is another question.

 and not what I have, is a light year before it is a memory in this light year that I AM.

WHAT WE HAVE HAD of what we see is not what we see that we have had, but what it causes in us that we see that we have had.

What we see that we have had is in a specific order of what has been being our that will be being our after we have seen it and become aware of it being ours. Because we are not aware of it being ours has no thing to do with it being our or not.

The fact that what is our implies that it is our body and not a matter outside of us that is a belonging. Note that a BELONG is a BËÍŃG that is a STATE. What BELONGS to you is what you will forever NEED. Since it is not a part of your body you cannot be without it. What is part of you body you do not need to pursue to hold onto. There should no worries of ever having to use what is yours any more than there should be no worries of ever having to lose it. Where you go is where you body goes and what a person takes of you now, they hide from you now. The OPERATIVE being the FREE AGENT is the one without t a body. That one is the LUBRICATION and not the CATALYST.

To be a CATALYST one must be three dimensional and remain unscaled during a scaling but to have acted as a medium to the scaling. So that those through the catalyst are worked upon

 so that it is not what is supposed to happen that happens but what in the pattern of the catalyst. Son catalyst is a WARM HOLE in production. The WORK TAKEN from the body of work by the catalyst is nature input share the way that an arch acts in nature. So that what you see is a catalytic reaction is 4 compounds such that the compound that the catalyzing elements is reacting with is a kind of the two it is facilitating the reaction between. So that in a catalyzed reaction there sure 4 elements in reaction and not 2 facilitated by a third, but two facilitating an INTER-DIMENSIONAL EXCHANGE REACTION.

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