Why I Despise Science

  1. As you will see throughout my writing, there is reason to have disdain for SCIENCE and SCHOLASTICISM without having disdain for fellow humans. 
  2. The YOU that often slips from OUR index fingering voice, is the NOT ÍŚÂ who by default WE must address as the space between the dots anD a Y WE CANNOT SENSE.
  3. WE grow to an understanding that we must leave what we sense that we do not understand to the one in the interstices of bodies.
  4. It is  THAT capital HE that those who practice science have no regards for WHILE laying claim to WJAT HE does for all the same.
  5. Before ANY ONE of is a name to call from another, we are ÔŃĒ, the sequence of notes Ô and ŃĒ draw in as many harmonies about the same logical pattern what the sounds ONE draws in the sound ENGLISH but the one that is Ô and ŃĒ is the kind that is BEING that is Î the first Harmonic NOTE in the sequence Î Ï Í Ī Į Ì that when you look closely is the accent on À Falling to Ì as it does from À to Ź.
  6. We may then agree that in the sequence Ž Ź Ż that Ź is Á and Í while Ž a  and Î . What this means is that Á is Í in the sequence À Á Â Ä Æ Ã Å Ā and É in the sequence È É Ê Ë Ē Ė Ę.
  7. Ž Ź Ż = À Á Â = È É Ê, HENCE Ÿ IS Ë AS IT IS Ä, AND Ž IS X AS T and W is S while D is T
  8. Hence we must step into the sound ENGLISH and the sound there that is ONE is the sound we Will see when we step into the sounds Ô ŃĒ, that is the words YOU ARE in a different from BIBLICAL HEBREW to ENGLISH. 
  9. You will see that where we step into the sound ONE is in a body that we do not see that, the there  O N E and one and 1 are in all together as the same three. 
  10. That one that the three ONE are in is the JÎÂ that is their song that together
  11. That  one in 3 the three are in is the TUNE they cause in understanding that the the JÎÂ in the sound the sounds TÂ BÎBĒŁÂ Â JÎÂ being the sound ONE is also the sound SONG and the sounds JÎ Â that is the sounds OPEN WITH. 
  12. So the one that the three ONE that is the Ô ŃĒ is the OPEN WITH and the only 1 of two sounds that can follow is WHAT since opening with a WHO must imply with a WHAT that who IS IN being.
  13. We then say OPEN WITH to infer to a MATTER that does not HOLD INSTRUCTION in IT but that takes on instruction as its pattern up on it that it never is. 
  14. OPEN with WHERE it is a transitional kind of both is  because OPEN is not WITH and WITH is  because 2 is B out of the 1 in the direction of ÔPĒŃÍŃG. 
  15. WHO is INSTRUCTING WHO in matters of naming matter and on what patterns are they rooting the notes? 
  16. WHAT is the pattern that has a hold of the NOTES SCIENCE that the notes SCIENCE do not share a pattern with that is not from the collective ČÔŃŚÇÍÔÛŚŃĒŚT?
  17. WHERE is the HIGHEST POINT that what is from inside the core of the earth can reach that is not where NOAH would have PARKED his ARC at a place called ŚÎŃÂ to MEAN MOTHER”S EARTH.
  18. So should it matter in what SCHOLASTICISM form of expression I say it when WHERE what I SAY IS true that the HIGHEST PEAK is on the OLDEST GENE and that would be the HUMAN GENE on top of, meaning THROUGH, what must have been being there meaning the J Haplogroupe being the newest human GENE came out as a NEANDERTHAL MALE in kind to Humans.
  19. MALE CAME OUT AS MALE ON WOPMAN and must have come out as a SINGE VOLUME that is the first INDIVISIBLE 7 that is a divisible 4 that is Ǝ in every instance of causing sound that his Ē next haven been what is between Ÿ the sound WHY.
  20. It is AT understanding H that we understand WHŸ ending in TWO dots because to cause H we must have been causing ÍŚA and not ÎŚÂ that we must have been causing to cause H. Hence it is where  ÍŚA  is ÎŚÂ that H is H at where A is À where we cause any sound with a living orifice.
  21. IT is at this JUNCTION that what the snake says is the sound that can be misconstrued as as SEX and understood as ÀBÍĒŚĒ to mean HOLD ALL as in RECTUM but in understanding only since that sound is the sound ƎEĒŚ it also ends in H as does the sound A so that S in itself is a kind of A at some point incubation meaning T is indeed a kind of B as well and so is Ń. We then see that the sound ŃTÍ interpreted as the sound ÔŁÔRD is the sound ÂŃTÍ since  is indeed Ô’s under skin meaning A is inside O.
  22. The  Ǝ causes the E that is not IT ro bye the image of E where in reality what is coming is from the right to be Ē of E in the image of what falls from not being Ǝ ABOUT TO WHERE COMPLETE.
  23. What I am hoping the reader to see is the difficulty of expressing caused language because as we attempt to control it, we must stop where we realize it is doing the controlling and go with the flow of words until we are allowed to speak.
  24. Talking in LOGIA is like being in a court house where you were never told the rules but you master when to listen and when to speak as you are from inside of nature. In that court of truth everything you know chimes in at once about everything you bring there. 
  25. There is the HOLY of HOLIES and it is the idea that you do not listen that is the smallest voice in the court house with the biggest reason to speak. 
  26. That one is the floor the flor is on for there to  be floor there from SÍŃÂ, ĒVÂ, HERE, REST, KÍ ŁÍ QUIT WORK, MÂŃJ  is a sound from INSIDE a sound that was there nestled since MÂŃ ends in  only J is what Z is between two Ǝ Ǝ so that MÂŃJ is M Ǝ Ń Ǝ  and , KÍŁÍÂŃJ is KÍŁÍÂŃ Ǝ Ń Ǝ.

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